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Jessica Tuck in True Blood: When I Die

Jessica Tuck (1963 - )

Television DeathsEdit

  • One Life to Live (February 1992) [Megan Gordon Harrison]: Dies of lupus in the hospital, with her mother (Erika Slezak) by her bedside. Since her death, she has periodically returned to the show as a "guardian angel." (I haven't seen this episode myself, but got the information and the above photo from a soap-opera magazine.)
  • The O.J. Simpson Story (1995) [Nicole Brown Simpson]: Stabbed to death (off-screen) by an "unknown assailant”. (As this film was being made during the real O.J. Simpson trial, they could not depict O.J. as the killer.)
  • Days of Our Lives (June 2010) [Madeline Peterson Woods]: Dies of an aneurysm after being knocked down a flight of stairs during an argument with her son (Casey Deidrick).
  • True Blood: And When I Die (2011) [Nan Flanagan]: Stabbed through the heart by Stephen Moyer which causes her body to explode.
  • Grimm: The Kiss (2012) [Catherine Schade]: Accidentally killed when Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio shoves her headfirst into a mirror, puncturing her throat with shards of broken glass. Much later in the series, her badly-decomposed body is exhumed and rendered down into the ingredients for a magical potion by her daughter (Claire Coffee).


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