Jessica Steen in CSI: Toe Tags

Jessica Steen (1965 - )

Film Deaths:

  • A Judgment in Stone (1986) [Melinda Coverdale]: Shot in the back with a shotgun by Rita Tushingham, after Rita trips Jessica as Jessica tries to run past her.

TV Deaths:

  • When We First Met (1984) [Gail Pennoyer]: Killed by a drunk driver while cycling home one night in a rainstorm.
  • Night Heat: The Source (1985) [Michelle Parker]: Killed (possibly strangled or suffocated) when she was found to be the source of leaked incriminating information against a crooked construction company.
  • Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future: Retribution Part 2 (1988) [Corporal Jennifer 'Pilot' Chase]: Killed in an explosion when she activates the base's self-destruct to destroy the android invaders, after being shot with a ray-gun by the androids. (Thanks to Creepenstein)
  • Mutant X: The Taking of Crows (2003) [Dr. Sara Stanton]: Knocked unconscious and killed when a drug lab explodes.
  • Bullet in the Face: Cradle to Grave (2012) [Commissioner Eva Braden]: Killed by a bomb planted by crime lord, Johann Tannhauser (Eddie Izzard).

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