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Jessica Sipos lying paralyzed in a field in Slasher: As Water Is Corrupted Unless It Moves

Jessica Sipos' corpse (dummy) in Slasher: Ill-Gotten Gains

Jessica Sipos (19?? -)

TV Deaths[]

  • Slasher: As Water Is Corrupted Unless It Moves (2016) [June Henry]: Eaten alive by rats and other wild animals (off-camera). Steve Byers had knocked Jessica out and she awoke nude in a field, slathered with food and unable to move because Steve had set up an IV that administered a paralytic drug to her. (He wanted Jessica to be unable to move but able to entirely feel her slow, agonizing death.) Jessica's mostly eaten body is discovered by hikers and their dog in the episode Ill-Gotten Gains. (Nudity alert: While Jessica is technically nude, her breasts and genitals are covered by the food the killer had slathered on her. However, when her body is found, one nipple is visible on a mostly eaten breast.)

Noteworthy connections[]