Jessica Rothe being stabbed in Happy Death Day

Jessica Rothe (1987 - )

aka Jessica Rothenberg, Jessica Anne Rothenberg

Film Deaths Edit

  • The Tribe (2016) [Jenny]: Shot in the middle of her chest off-camera by Anne Winters. The gunshot is heard from a distance and then Jessica's body is shown shortly afterward.
  • Happy Death Day (2017) [Theresa "Tree" Gelbman]: Dies in several time loops. All of these death scenes occur off-camera; the camera cuts away before any blood or injury is seen:
    1. Stabbed in the head by Ruby Modine.
    2. Stabbed to death with a broken bong by Ruby.
    3. Stabbed to death by Ruby in her dorm room.
    4. Stabbed in the stomach by Ruby while Jessica was watching Caleb Spillyards outside.
    5. Drowned by Ruby in a fountain during struggle.
    6. Hit by a bus along with Rachel Matthews during their fight.
    7. Fatally bludgeoned with a baseball bat by Ruby outside of a dorm.
    8. Killed in an explosion when Ruby drops a birthday candle on the leaked gas of a police car that she is in.
    9. Commits suicide by hanging herself off the bell tower as Rob Mello watch on.
    10. Poisoned (off-screen) when she eats a cupcake that had been laced with poison. (In the final time loop she survives after she kills Ruby)
  • Happy Death Day 2U (2019) [Theresa "Tree" Gelbman]: Dies again in several time loops.
    1. Accidentally runs off hospital building due to being chased by Charles Aitken while handcuffed.
    2. Commits suicide by electrocuting herself in the bathtub.
    3. Poisoned when she drinks drain cleaner in the store.
    4. Skydives without a parachute, crashing onto the Bayfield University courtyard, in front of Israel Broussard and Rachel Matthews, who become sprayed in her blood.
    5. Runs and jumps into a woodchipper, shredding herself.
    6. Jumps from Bayfield University Hospital Tower, crashing to her death on impact below.
    7. Killed in an explosion (along with Charles) when she shoots the hospital gas propanes.
    8. Commits suicide by driving her car into a power plant. (In the final time loop she once again survives after killing Charles)


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