Jesse McCartney before his off-screen death in Chernobyl Diaries

Jesse McCartney (1987 - )


Film DeathsEdit

  • Chernobyl Diaries (2012) [Chris]: Dies (off-screen) from either succumbing to injuries suffered in a mutant dog earlier or is killed by the mutant patients; he is last seen when Jonathan Sadowski finds a video camera showing Jesse and Olivia Taylor Dudley being kidnapped by the patients.
  • 88 (2015) [Winks]: Hit on the head with a phone by Katharine Isabelle; his body is first shown when Katharine (afflicted by amnesia) sees him in her bathtub and his death is later depicted during a flashback.
  • Campus Code (Campus Life) (2015) [Ari]: Portraying a video game avatar of David Meyers, he dies in the game when Jack Falahee causes him to fall from the ledge of a building. He is then brought back to life as a sentient entity when Hannah Hodson's teardrop lands on his body. (David, Jesse's real-life counterpart, survives the film.)

TV DeathsEdit

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