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Jerry Seinfeld (middle) with an unknown actor playing an FBI agent (left) and Michael Richards (right) in Seinfeld: The Baby Shower

Seinfeld death

Jerry Seinfeld's death in Seinfeld: The Baby Shower

Jerry Seinfeld (1954- )

TV DeathsEdit

  • Seinfeld: The Baby Shower (1991) [Jerry Seinfeld]: Gunned down by FBI agents as he tries to run away after he gets in trouble with them for stealing cable. As he lays dying, trying to open the door, Vic Polizos gives the final gunshot to finish him off. All of this happens as Michael Richards watches in horror. This turns out to be a dream squence. (Jerry survives the episode in reality.) (Played for comic effect.)
  • Saturday Night Live (Oct. 2, 1999) [Puke]: Gets beaten to death by thugs (Will Ferrell, Jimmy Fallon and Horatio Sanz) while trying to torture information out of him. He would be taken to the hospital where he is revived and the process repeating until he dies for good with Will ordering an autopsy on him to figure out why he kept coming back to life. (Played for comic effect.)

Notable connectionsEdit

  • Mr. Jessica Danielle Sklar
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