Jerry O'Connell in 'Scream 2'

Jerry O'Connell in Scream 2

Jerry O'Connell (1974 - )

Film DeathsEdit

  • Scream 2 (1997) [Derek Feldman]: Shot in the chest by Timothy Olyphant while Jerry is tied to a crucifix while Neve Campbell looks on in horror; he dies shortly afterwards while talking to Neve. (Thanks to Germboygel, Corey, Tyler, John, Kasha, Warren, Tommy and Chris)
  • Piranha 3D (2010) [Derrick Jones]: Partially devoured (being castrated in the process) by prehistoric piranha after he falls overboard; he dies after being pulled back onto the boat while talking to Steven R. McQueen. His body is later devoured by the piranha as a disctraction so Steven can save Jessica Szohr. (Thanks to Arben, Tobias, Tommy and Marjorie)
  • Wish Upon (2017) [Alex: Previous Owner/Victim]: Killed (off-screen) while using the music box several years before the story begins. We learn of his death afterwards when Ki Hong Lee informs Joey King that once the music box grants your seventh wish it will claim the life of the owner.
  • The Death of Superman (2018; animated) [Clark Kent aka Superman]: Killed after a long battle against Doomsday, but is later brought back to life Reign of the Supermen (2019; animated).
  • Satanic Panic (2019) [Samuel Ross]: Accidentally shoots himself in the throat while inspecting a gun that had failed to fire when he tried to shoot Hayley Griffith. He is later killed when his wife (Rebecca Romijn) reaches into his body through the neck wound and rips out his heart.
  • Justice League Dark: Apokolips War (2020; animated) [Clark Kent aka Superman]: Erased from existence when Flash (Christopher Gorham) went back in time to restart the Timeline.

TV DeathsEdit

  • Sliders: Gillian of the Spirits (1996) [Quinn Mallory]: Electrocuted by lightning while travelling through the wormhole between worlds; because he was between worlds, he appears as a ghost until the other travelers are able to bring him back to life. (Thanks to PortsGuy)
  • Sliders: The Young and the Restless (1996) [Quinn Mallory]: The episode shows the corpse of a double of Jerry floating in a swimming pool, implied to have drowned and possibly murdered by his wife, a double of Sabrina Lloyd. Later in the same episode, the original Jerry and Sabrina fake a video of Sabrina's double murdering Jerry's double.
  • Sliders: Slide Like an Egyptian (1997) [Quinn Mallory]: Jerry is killed and brought back from the dead by modern Egyptian doctors, including Apollonia Kotero, to gain information about the afterlife. In the afterlife, Jerry sees his dead father, Jim Turner.
  • Mockingbird Lane (2012; TV special) [Herman Monster]: Playing a Frankenstein-like being, Jerry dies from a heart attack; he is later brought back to life after Eddie Izzard gives him a new mechanical heart. Jerry dies from another heart attack later in the special, but Izzard brings him back to life once again after he transplants Cheyenne Jackson's heart into Jerry's chest.
  • Drunk History: Philadelphia (2014) [Thomas Jefferson]: Dies on the same day as Joe Lo Truglio. The scene was narrated by an intoxicated Patrick Walsh. (Played for comedic effect.)
  • Scream Queens: Warts and All (2016) [Dr. Mike]: Impaled with a machete by The Green Meanie. Shown in a flashback to Halloween, 1986.

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