Jerome Cowan (1897 - 1972)

Film Deaths:[edit | edit source]

  • City for Conquest (1940) [Dutch]: Shot in the car by Elia Kazan, knowing Jerome was behind the 'cheat' at the boxing match.
  • The Maltese Falcon (1941) [Miles Archer]: Shot in the stomach by Mary Astor in the street at night. His body is shown again when Humphrey Bogart arrives at the crime scene.
  • Fog Island (1945) [John Kavanaugh]: Drowned, along with Lionel Atwill, Veda Ann Borg, and Ian Keith, when the room they're trapped in gets flooded.
  • Riff-Raff (1947) [Walter Gredson]: Knifed offscreen by one of Walter Slezak's henchmen. (Thanks to Brian)

TV Death:[edit | edit source]

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