Jeremy Ratchford in The Barber

Jeremy Ratchford (1965 - )

Film Deaths:Edit

  • Junior (Hot Water) (1985) [Junior]: Fatally burned after his mother accidentally ignites the gasoline that Jeremy had poured around the marina, and Jeremy attempts to save her by grabbing her and diving into the lake. He dies shortly after re-emerging from the water, while talking to Suzanne DeLaurentiis and Linda Singer.
  • The Barber (2001) [Chief Vance Corgan]: Shot in the back by John B. Destry in a bar, just as Jeremy is about to accuse Malcolm McDowell of all the murders.
  • Small Town Crime (2017) [Orthopedic]: Shot to death by John Hawkes and Clifton Collins Jr. as he tries to hide behind the open trunk of his car.

TV Deaths:Edit

None known.

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