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Jennifer Lawrence (left side of split-screen) in Medium: Mother's Little Helper

Jennifer Lawrence (1990 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • Serena (2014) [Serena Pemberton]: Commits suicide by burning herself, throwing an open lighter onto the bed that she is lying on to set it on fire. We see the fire reflected in her eye before a cut to the house ablaze.
  • Passengers (2016) [Aurora Lane]: Dies along with Chris Pratt in the 88-year passage of time between the end of the movie and the epilogue. 
  • Mother! (2017) [Mother]: Heart torn out by Javier Bardem, on top of being severely burned after trying to destroy the house.  
  • Dark Phoenix (2019) [Raven Darkholme/Mystique]: Accidentally impaled in her back, through her lower chest by wood after being blown away by Sophie Turner when she lost control of her power. Jennifer dies with Nicholas Hoult by her side. Then she is given a funeral by her fellow X-Men.

TV Deaths[]



  • No relation to Francis Lawrence (director)
  • Ex-girlfriend of Nicholas Hoult