Daisy's death

Jennifer Jason Leigh in The Hateful Eight

Jennifer Jason Leigh (1962 - )

Film Deaths:

  • Buried Alive (1990) [Joanna Goodman]: Buried alive by Tim Matheson; in a grave next to William Atherton's body. The movie ends with her screaming in the coffin; the 1997 sequel Buried Alive II showed her skeleton after the coffin is dug up.
  • The King Is Alive (2000) [Gina]: Dies of food poisoning after Romane Bohringer gives her a can of spoiled carrots; she dies several days after eating them.
  • Rag Tale (2005) [M.J. Morton]: Commits suicide by hanging herself with a belt from a staircase, after discovering that her husband (Malcolm McDowell) is also her real father.
  • The Hateful Eight (2015) [Daisy Domergue]: Hanged by Walton Goggins and Samuel L. Jackson from the ceiling of the cabin in honor of Kurt Russell, as Jennifer is already dying from being shot previously by Walton (as she was free and about to grab a rifle).

Television Deaths:

  • The Love Letter (1998: TV movie) [Elizabeth Whitcomb]: Dies (off-screen) of old age/natural causes.

Noteworthy Connections

  • Daughter of Vic Morrow and Barbara Turner
  • Ex-wife of Noah Baumbach (director)


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