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Daisy's death

Jennifer Jason Leigh in The Hateful Eight

Jennifer Jason Leigh (1962 - )

Film Deaths[]

Television Deaths[]

  • Todd McFarlane's Spawn: Hunter's Moon (1997; animated) [Lilly]: Burned to death after Keith David exposes her to sunlight.
  • The Love Letter (1998: TV movie) [Elizabeth Whitcomb]: Dies (off-screen) of old age/natural causes.
  • Twin Peaks: Part 16 (2017) [Chantal Hutchens]: Machine-gunned by Jonny Coyne (along with Tim Roth) after Jennifer tries to shoot Jonny.
  • Hunters: Only the Dead (2023) [Chava Apfelbaum]: Shot several times by Nazi gunmen.

Deaths in Music Video[]

  • Faith No More: Last Cup of Sorrow (1997) [Madeleine Elster / Judy Barton]: Falls to her death from the bell tower in from of Mike Patton. The video is a homage to Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo, She is playing the Kim Novak Role.


Noteworthy Connections[]

  • Daughter of Vic Morrow and Barbara Turner
  • Ex-wife of Noah Baumbach (director)