Jennifer Connelly in Mulholland Falls

Jennifer Connelly (1970 - )

Films Deaths[edit | edit source]

  • Mulholland Falls (1996) [Allison Pond]: Thrown out of an airplane (off-screen) by Treat Williams; her body is shown afterwards lying in the desert when Nick Nolte arrives at the scene, then again later on in the morgue. (Thanks to Unbound, Scott, and John)
  • Waking the Dead (2000) [Sarah Williams]: Possibly killed (off-screen) in an explosion; her death is reported on a TV news broadcast that Billy Crudup sees. She later reappears to Billy throughout the movie; it's ambiguous as to whether the news was inaccurate and she's actually alive, or whether Billy is simply imagining her. (Thanks to John)
  • Dark Water (2005) [Dahlia]: Drowned (off-screen) when Perla Hadey-Jardine's ghost causes the room to flood, after Jennifer agrees to be Perla's new "mother" so that Perla will spare Jennifer's own daughter (Ariel Gade). We only see a close-up of her eye afterward. She appears as a ghost later. (Thanks to Laurent and John)
  • Alita: Battle Angel (2019) [Chiren]: Cut into pieces (off-screen) on the orders of Mahershala Ali. We simply see her eyes and brain in a class container when Mahershala shows it to Rosa Salazar.

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