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[[File:1x05-Friends-Lovers-csi-18271656-500-375.jpg|thumb|350px|Jennifer Caputo in ''CSI: Friends & Lovers. '']]Jennifer Caputo (19?? -)
[[File:1x05-Friends-Lovers-csi-18271656-500-375.jpg|thumb|350px|Jennifer Caputo in ''CSI: Friends & Lovers. '']][ Jennifer Caputo] (19?? -)
==TV Deaths==
==TV Deaths==

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Jennifer Caputo in CSI: Friends & Lovers.

Jennifer Caputo (19?? -)

TV DeathsEdit

  • CSI: Friends & Lovers (2000) [Stephanie Reyes]: Dies of unspecified circumstances, her corpse was dug out of her casket and put into a dumpster by Kelly Connell in order to avoid some payment to Jennifer's family.
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