Jennifer Beals in Desolation Sound

Jennifer Beals (1963 - )

Film DeathsEdit

  • The Bride (1985) [Eva]: Appears as a dead body at the beginning of the movie before being reanimated by Sting; she survives the rest of the movie. (Thanks to Tommy)
  • Desolation Sound (2005) [Elizabeth Story]: Falls to her death (off-screen) from the roof during a struggle with Helene Joy, after Jennifer suicidally provokes the fight. We only see the start of the struggle; her body is shown afterwards when Helene brings Lothaire Bluteau down to help. Helene and Lothaire then bury the body in the backyard.

TV DeathsEdit

  • Swamp Thing: Loose Ends (2019) [Lucilia Cable]: Drowns after being locked in the trunk of a car that Will Patton dumps into the water, in addition to being stabbed in the back by Will.

Noteworthy ConnectionsEdit

  • Ex-Mrs. Alexandre Rockwell

Gallery Edit

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