JennaKanell TheByeByeMan

Jenna Kanell’s death in The Bye Bye Man

Jenna Kanell (1991 - )

Film DeathsEdit

  • The Bye Bye Man (2017) [Kim]: Hit by a train after having a hallucination influeted by Doug Jones of a people in trouble near the railway.
  • Terrifier (2017) [Tara]: Stabbed repeatedly in the leg by David Howard Thornton, who then briefly strangles her and attempts to gouge out her eyes before she manages to escape. When David finds Jenna, she tries to crawl away but he shoots her in the leg, then her side, then her right cheek before running out of ammunition. After retrieving more ammo, David comes back and shoots Jenna in the forehead. He pauses briefly then shoots her multiple times in the face, destroying it. Her body is later shown propped up in a chair.


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