Jenna Coleman in Doctor Who: The Snowmen

Jenna Coleman (1986 - )

aka Jenna-Louise Coleman

Film Deaths[edit | edit source]

None known.

TV Deaths[edit | edit source]

  • Doctor Who: Asylum of the Daleks (2012) [Oswin Oswald]: After being converted into a Dalek (it is originally believed that she is still human, but this later revealed to be a coping mechanism), she is killed when the Daleks destroy their prison planet, after Jenna deactivates the planet's force field. (In the episode "The Name of the Doctor," it is revealed that Oswin is an incarnation of the 21st century Clara Oswald, created when she enters the Doctor's (Matt Smith) time stream.)
  • Doctor Who: The Snowmen (2012) [Clara Oswin Oswald]: Fatally injured when the Ice Governess (Juliet Cadzow) pulls her off of Matt Smith's artificial cloud, causing her to fall a great distance. She later dies while talking to the Doctor. (Again, this Clara is revealed to be an incarnation of the 21st century Clara Oswald in "The Name of the Doctor").
  • Doctor Who: Face the Raven (2015) [Clara Oswald]: The original Clara is killed by a Quantum Shade, after transferring Maisie Williams' curse from Joivan Wade to herself. In a later episode, Hell Bent, the Doctor (Peter Capaldi) pulls her out of time and delays this event from occurring, leaving Clara functionally immortal until such a time as she voluntarily returns to the events of Face the Raven. The final Capaldi episode, Twice Upon a Time, confirmed (by way of the Doctor conversing with her memory by way of a creature that is able to recreate the dead) that this does eventually happen. The actual mechanism by way the Quantum Shade actually kills Clara (and a second victim in "Face the Raven") is never explained, other than it is a non-corporeal entity that enters the body and exits as black smoke out the mouth.
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