Jena Malone in Donnie Darko

Jena Malone (1984 - )

Film Deaths Edit

  • Donnie Darko (2001) [Gretchen Ross]: Accidentally run over by James Duval when he swerves to avoid Patience Cleveland. After shooting James in return, Jake Gyllenhaal then picks up her body and places her in his car. This occurs in the "tangent universe", and her death is undone when Jake restores the universe to its proper state.
  • Cold Mountain (2003) [Ferry Girl]: Shot in the back by Home Guard soldiers while she's transporting Jude Law and Philip Seymour Hoffman down the river; her body falls overboard into the water. (Thanks to Nick)
  • The Ruins (2008) [Amy]: Three different endings were filmed: In the original theatrical ending, she survives the movie; in the US DVD's ending, she is shown to be infected by the vines (with the implication that she will soon die); the US DVD also includes an alternate ending in which her off-screen death is confirmed with a shot of her tombstone with the vines growing from her grave. (Thanks to Zack)
  • Sucker Punch (2011) [Rocket]: Has two deaths in the different realities:
    1. Killed by Malcolm Scott while Jena tries to protect Abbie Cornish.
    2. Killed in an explosion when she sacrifices herself to set off the bomb. (Thanks to Tommy)
  • Bottom of the World (2017) [Scarlett]: Brained with a shovel by Douglas Smith and in a dream or parallel reality overdoses on pills.

TV Deaths Edit

  • Hitler: The Rise of Evil (2003 TV) [Geli Raubal]: Commits suicide by shooting herself. (Thanks to Nick)
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