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Jeff Winkless in The Nest

Jeff Winkless (1941 - 2006)

Film Deaths[]

  • The Professional: Golgo 13 (Golgo 13) (1983) [Informant]: Throat slit by Gregory Snegoff while Jeff is working in his office; he dies after talking to his contact (also voiced by Greg). (See also Koichi Chiba in the Japanese version.)
  • Vampire Hunter D (Kyûketsuki hantâ D) (1985) [Count Magnus Lee]: Crushed to death underneath a wall after being pinned to the wall by Michael McConnohie with a sword. (See also Seizo Kato in the Japanese version.)
  • Laputa: Castle In The Sky (Tenkû no shiro Rapyuta) (1986) [Muska]: Falls to his death after Barbara Goodson and Lara Cody recite a spell that causes the structure Jeff is standing on to collapse into the ocean. (See also Minori Terada in the Japanese version and Mark Hamill in the second English version.)
  • Wicked City (Yôjû toshi) (1987) [Mr. Shadow]: Slashed in half by Gaye Kruger, in addition to being electrocuted and impaled on a metal cross by Mike Reynolds, at the end of a fight. (See also Takeshi Aono in the Japanese version and Ronald Baker in the second English version.)
  • Neo Tokyo (Meikyû monogatari) (1987) [Robot 444-1]: Providing the voice of a robot, he is destroyed after being hit repeatedly with a pipe by Robert Axelrod. (See also Hiroshi Otake in the Japanese version.)
  • The Nest (1988) [Church]: Eaten by mutant cockroaches in a dumpster.

OVA Deaths[]

  • Crying Freeman 2: Shades of Death, Part 1 (Crying Freeman 2: Fûsei kakurei) (1989) [Koh Tokugen]: Shot in the eye by Diane Michelle while Jeff is attempting to warn Steve Bulen of Diane's arrival; he dies after talking to Steve. (See also Ryusei Nakao in the Japanese version and Byron Mann in the live-action remake.)
  • 8 Man After (Cyber Desesperado) (1993) [Tony Gleck]: Providing the voice of a cyborg, he is destroyed in an explosion while fighting Steve Bulen. (See also Issei Futamata in the Japanese version.)