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Jeff Goldblum in Deep Cover

Jeff Goldblum (1952 -)

Film Deaths[]

  • Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978) [Jack Bellicec]: Replaced (off-screen) with an alien duplicate, after he draws away a group of Pod People to buy time for his friends to escape; the duplicate is killed when it is stabbed in the neck with a dart by Donald Sutherland.
  • Silverado (1985) [Calvin "Slick" Stanhope]: Stabbed in the stomach with his own blade by Danny Glover during a struggle.
  • The Fly (1986) [Seth Brundle]: Head blown off/decapitated with a shotgun blast to the head when Geena Davis shoots him as a mercy killing after he becomes a humanoid fly (then becomes fused to his teleportation machine). (For the original, see David Hedison.)
  • The Tall Guy (1989) [Dexter King]: In the play within the film musical adaptation of The Elephant Man, Jeff (playing John Merrick) suffocates in his sleep; he dies as other cast members sing him off to heaven (Jeff survives the film in reality) (Played for comic effect).
  • Mister Frost (1990) [Mr. Frost]: Shot in the chest by Kathy Baker (with his spirit then possessing her).
  • Deep Cover (1992) [David Jason]: Shot in the chest and stomach by Laurence Fishburne (as Jeff pulls a gun during an arrest).
  • Hideaway (1995) [Hatch Harrison / Uriel The Archangel]: Drowned when his car goes off a cliff into the river (as he swerves to avoid an on coming truck). He is later brought back to life by an experimental procedure performed by Alfred Molina.
  • The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) [Deputy Kovacs]: Killed (off-camera) by Willem Dafoe, after Willem catches up to Jeff in a museum and slams a door shut on his hand, severing several of his fingers; we hear Jeff's screams from behind it before Willem exits. His body is later seen in a crime scene report on his death, having been found in a sarcophagus.
  • Mortdecai (2015) [Milton Krampf]: Killed by Jonny Pasvolsky, his body is later seen when Johnny Depp comes in and starts talking to him, unaware that he's dead, and then again when Ewan McGregor accidentally shoots Jeff in the shoulder while firing at Johnny.
  • Hotel Artemis (2018) [Orian "The Wolf King" Franklin / Niagara]: Throat slit with a broken piece of a coffee mug by Sofia Boutella.

Television Deaths[]

  • The Colbert Report (June 29, 2009) [Jeff Goldblum]: Falls from a cliff while in New Zealand (off screen); his death is mentioned in a news report Stephen Colbert plays (while Goldblum is in the studio) and Goldblum later ascends to Heaven through the exit door after delivering a eulogy about himself. (This is in reference to a faulty news report about his death that occurred in real life.) (Played for comic effect.)

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