Jeff Cadiente in The Prophecy.

Jeff Cadiente (19?? - )

Film DeathsEdit

  • The Crow (1994) [Eric Draven/Stunt Double-Reshoots]: Shot and killed by Michael Massee; he later comes back in undead form. (For more detail, see Brandon Lee's article; Cadiente filmed stand-in scenes for unfilmed sequences when Brandon passed away during post-production)
  • Hologram Man (Video, 1995) [Stunts]: Seen as a police officer who's unsuspectingly shot and killed by Evan Lurie after Lurie sneaks up behind Jeff.
  • The Prophecy (1995) [Uziel]: Crushed to death after being hit by a car pinning him to a wall having been thrown out of a window onto a car at the end of a fight Eric Stoltz (on top of being stabbed in the throat with shards of glass when Eric knocks his head through a window). His body is later seen when police investigate the crime scene then again in the morgue when Christopher Walken incinerates his body.
  • The Pandora Project (1998) [Stunts]: Shot to death along with Thomas Rosales Jr. and the other henchmen after their leader (Robert Hegyes) threatens Richard Tyson and Tyson’s army goons come by and mow all of those in opposition down.
  • Virus (1999) [Hiko/Stunt Double]: Drowned when swept off a boat’s side by a tidal wave. His badly mutilated body is later seen in a dream sequence had by Jamie Lee Curtis. (See also Cliff Curtis' role in the film.)
  • Hot Boyz (Video, 2000) [Stunts]: Plays two different roles; he's first seen as a random club patron shot to death by Silkk the Shocker, Snoop Dogg and Co. after getting caught in the crossfire; his second role has him as a police officer shot along with other members of Gary Busey and C. Thomas Howell's corrupt force by Snoop Dogg and his gang or rival gangsters.

T.V. Deaths Edit


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