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Jed Brophy being decapitated in 'The Shannara Chronicles: Ellcrys'

Jed brophy

Jed Brophy

Jed Brophy (1963 - )

Film Deaths:Edit

  • The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (2002) [Sharku / Snaga]: Dual roles as orcs. As Snaga, he is decapitated by Nathaniel Lees, to be cannibalized by the orcs. As Sharku, he is stabbed by Viggo Mortensen and trampled by one of his own Wargs, dying of his injuries after telling Orlando Bloom and John Rhys-Davies of Viggo's supposed death.
  • King Kong (2005) [Venture Crewman 01]: Falls off the log after Andy Serkis hit the log that caused him to loose balance. His body his later seen down in the chasm. (Note: During Kong's captures, a sailor who looks like him can be him, though its possible he survived or Jed playing was another a different crewman.)

Television Death:Edit

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