Jean Hersholt in The Beast of the City

Jean Hersholt (1886 - 1956)

Film Deaths Edit

  • Greed (1924) [Marcus Schouler]: Beaten to death with a gun butt by Gibson Gowland during a struggle in the desert.
  • The Beast of the City (1932) [Sam Belmonte]: Shot to death by police during the big shoot-out in Jean’s club. (Thanks to McQuade)
  • Emma (1932) [Mr. Frederick Smith]: Dies after having a heart attack, with Marie Dressler by his side.
  • Song of the Eagle (The Beer Baron) (1933) [Otto Hoffman]: Killed by Charles Bickford.
  • Run For Cover (1955) [Mr Swenson]: Shot on his buckboarrd by one of Grant Withers' gang as they come out of the robbed bank just as as Jean comes down the street. (Thanks to Brian)

Notable Connections Edit

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