Jean-Louis Trintignant in 'The Great Silence'

Jean-Louis Trintignant (1930 - )

Film DeathsEdit

  • IL Sorpasso (1962) [Roberto Mariani]: Killed in a car accident which Vittorio Gassman survives when his car goes over a cliff. We only see the car during the impact; his body is not shown afterwards. (Thanks to Harry)
  • Mata Hari, Agent H21 (1964) [Captain Francois Lasalle]: Shot to death by German soldiers.
  • Trans-Europ-Express (1967) [Elias/Himself]: Playing a dual role as both himself and a character in a story (as the boundaries of fiction and reality are blurred), "Elias" is shot in the back by Charles Millot. (The real Jean-Louis survives the movie.)
  • Deadly Sweet (Col cuore in gola; Heart Beat; I Am What I Am; With Heart in Mouth) (1967) [Bernard]: Shot in the stomach by Ewa Aulin as he tries to take the gun away from her. (Thanks to Eugene)
  • Death Laid an Egg (La Morte ha fatto I'uovo; A Curious Way to Love, Plucked) (1967) [Marco]: Dies when he is ground up in a chicken feed machine when he accidentally falls into it after he realizes who murdered his wife. 
  • The Great Silence (Il Grande silenzio) (1968) [Silence]: Shot in the head by Klaus Kinski, after one of Klaus' henchmen shoots Jean-Louis in the stomach just as Jean-Louis draws his gun. (An alternate "happy ending," with Jean-Louis surviving, was filmed for different markets; the US DVD includes the alternate ending as a bonus feature.)
  • The Man Who Lies (L'Homme qui ment) (1968) [Boris Varissa]: Shot to death by Ivan Mistrik; he then comes back to life to resume narrating his story.
  • So Sweet...So Perverse (Cosi dolce...cosi perversa) (1969) [Jean] Stabbed to death by Horst Frank
  • And Hope to Die (La course du lievre a travers les champs) (1971) [Antoine Cardot aka Froggy] Already mortally wounded due to having a knife thrown into his back, he is shot to death off-screen after having a stand-off with the police.  The film ends before his fate is shown, but the building he is in, is being constantly barraged with bullets. 
  • Under Fire (1983) [Marcel Jazy]: Shot dead by teenage poet rebels as he orders Nick Nolte to photograph it with Nick refusing. His body is later seen as Nick covers him with a carpet rug.
  • Amour (2012) [Georges]: Dies in his sleep; it’s not established he is dead until he sees the ghost of his wife (I haven’t seen all of this but I’ve read he dies at the end).

Notable ConnectionsEdit

  • Ex-Mr. Nadine Trintignant (director)


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