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Jason Momoa in 'Game of Thrones; Fire and Blood.'

Jason Momoa (1979 - )

Deaths in Film[]

  • Wolves (2014) [Connor Slaughter]]: Slashed in the throat by John Pyper-Ferguson's fingernail claws when the latter is a werewolf when Jason tries to save Lucas Till from John.
  • Road to Paloma (2014) [Wolf]: Commits suicide by stabbing himself in the stomach, as Robert Homer Mollohan rushes to his side. He dies shortly afterwards in Mollohan arms.
  • Sugar Mountain (2016) [Joe Bright]: Shot to death by Haley Webb as he kneels over Drew Roy and prepares to bash his head in with a rock.

Deaths in Television[]

  • Game of Thrones: Fire and Blood (2011) [Khal Drogo]: Smothered to death by his wife (Emilia Clarke) as a mercy killing after he's left brain dead thanks to Mia Soteriou's curse; his body is later seen burning on a funeral pyre and he is seen again briefly in a dream sequence Emilia has in the later episode Valar Morghuls.

Notable Connections[]