Jason Marnocha

Jason Marnocha's animated severed head with Deadpool in Death Battle: Deadpool VS Deathstroke


Jason Marnocha

Jason Marnocha (1989 - )

TV DeathsEdit

  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - Diamond is Unbreakable: The Nijimura Brothers, Part 3 (2018; anime) [Keicho Nijimura]: Killed by Akira Otoishi's (Andrew Russell) Stand, Red Hot Chili Pepper, when he tries to electrocute Okuyasu (Jalen K. Cassell), only for Keicho to be electrocuted in his stead after shoving Okuyasu out of the way.

Web Series DeathsEdit

  • Death Battle: Deadpool VS Deathstroke (2014, animated) [Deathstroke]: Decapitated with a katana by Deadpool (voiced by Curtis Arnott) at the end of the fight. At first it appeared that he did indeed win until it was revealed that Deadpool was using his severed head as a puppet. He then puts the head on his car as a hood ornament and drives off.
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