Jason Lee

Jason Lee in Dogma

Jason Lee (1970 - )

Film DeathsEdit

  • Dreamcatcher (2003) [Joe 'Beaver' Clarenden]: Killed by the creature while Damian Lewis looks on helplessly. His body is shown again afterwards when Thomas Jane discovers him. (Thanks to Brad, Marigen, Kylee, David31, and Shigley)
  • The Incredibles (2004; animated) [Buddy Pine a.k.a. Syndrome]: Sucked into a jet engine when his cape gets caught in it. (Thanks to Kelly, Mathew, Neil and Stephen)
  • Monster House (2006; animated) [Bones]: Consumed by the living house after being lured inside; he is later brought back to life when the house is destroyed. (It's debatable whether this constitutes a "death," but I thought I'd list it just to be safe.)

TV DeathsEdit

  • My Name Is Earl: Inside Probe Part 2 (2009) [Earl Hickey/Civil War Hickey Relative]: Playing both Earl Hickey and a Civil War era relative, the Civil War relative is killed by Confederate and Union soldiers when he attempts to create his own country (off screen); his death is mentioned in an interview with "Earl" and only photographs of the civil war relative are seen. (Played for comic effect.)


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