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Jason Brooks' video game death in Murdered: Soul Suspect.

Jason Brooks (1966 - )

Deaths in FilmEdit

  • Star Trek (2009) [Romulan Pilot]: Implied as being blown up along with the rest of Eric Bana's crew after John Cho and Zachary Quinto have both their ships fire upon the ship and cause it to collapse/fall apart within the black hole.
  • The Perfect Boyfriend (2013) [Chuck Gridge]: Shot in the head by Aiden Turner after he slips him a drug leaving him unable to fight, with Aiden staging his death as a suicide; the camera cuts away as Aiden fires the shot.

TV DeathsEdit

Deaths in Video Games Edit

  • Murdered: Soul Suspect (2014) [Ronan O'Connor]: Shot several times in the chest by Travis Willingham, who is possessed by Tiffany Espenson's ghost, after falling down from his apartment window. He comes back as a ghost to investigate his death.
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