Jared Zeus (???-)

Video Game DeathsEdit

  • SOMA (2015) [Simon Jarrett]: Playing multiple iterations of the same character, Jared can die multiple times over the course of the game. 1) The original iteration of Jared dies in 2015 (offscreen) of long-term brain trauma caused by a car crash during the time skip between game chapters; his death is not discovered until a later iteration finds an audio recording of his final moments. However, thanks to the scan of his brain taken by Tim Beckmann , Jared is later brought back to life by the WAU in 2104 as an artificial intelligence inhabiting the cybernetically-reanimated body of Trin Miller. 2) This second iteration of Jared can also die by having his battery drained, but only if Jared's newly-created third iteration decides to mercy-kill him rather than leaving him trapped alone in the abandoned research facility; otherwise, the second version survives. 3) The third iteration of Jared (currently inhabiting the body of Megan Mackzko) most likely dies of system failure at some point following the end credits, having been trapped alone at the bottom of the undersea trench with little chance of escape; he is last seen speaking to the now-deactivated Nell Mooney , begging her not to leave him alone. However, the fourth and final iteration of Jared survives inside the ARK's virtual environment along with Nell's third incarnation.
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