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Jared Padalecki in Supernatural: All Hell Breaks Loose (Part 1)

Jared Padalecki (1982 - )

Deaths in FilmEdit

  • Flight of the Phoenix (2004) [Davis]: Reduced to a skeleton when a sandstorm blasts the flesh from his body; his skeleton is shown partially sticking out of the sand afterwards. (Thanks to Neil and HL)
  • House of Wax (2005) [Wade]: Encased in molten wax and turned into a statue by Brian Van Holt; he dies of shock afterwards when Brian slashes off a large part of the wax covering after Jon Abrahams attempts to free him. (Thanks to Kyle, Beau, and Aidan)

Deaths in TelevisionEdit

  • Supernatural: Swan Song (2010) [Sam Winchester]: Sacrifices himself by deliberately throwing himself into Hell, taking the possessed Jake Abel with him. He is brought back to life (off-screen), without his soul, by Misha Collins.
  • Supernatural: The Song Remains the Same (2010) [Sam Winchester]: Stabbed in the stomach by Julie McNiven. He is brought back to life by Matt Cohen, who had been possessed by an Archangel.
  • Supernatural: Slash Fiction (2011) [Sam Winchester/Leviathan Sam]: Playing a dual role, "Leviathan Sam" is decapitated with an axe by Jensen Ackles. ("Sam Winchester" survives the episode.)
  • Supernatural: The Man Who Knew Too Much (2011) [Sam Winchester]: Appearing as three different versions of himself, "Soulless" Sam is shot in the back by the "Soulful" Sam. "Tortured" Sam is stabbed in the chest by "Soulful" Sam, with his consent. "Soulless" and "Tortured" Sam's bodies are absorbed by "Soulful" Sam, in order for Sam to regain full access to his memories.
  • Supernatural: First Blood (2017) [Sam Winchester]: Temporarily clinically dead (along with Jensen Ackles) after having previously made a deal with Lisa Berry to temporarily die and come back in order to escape a government black site in exchange for the permanent death of a Winchester at midnight.
  • Supernatural: Beat the Devil (2018) [Sam Winchester]: Bitten in the neck by the savage vampires on an alternate earth.He's brought back to life later in the episode by Mark Pellegrino.
  • Supernatural: Proverbs 17:3 (2019) [Sam Winchester]: Stabbed by possessed Jensen Ackles in his dream; he survives the episode in reality.

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Mr. Genevieve Padalecki

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