Janice Rule (1931 - 2003)


Janice Rule in Welcome to Hard Times

Film Deaths Edit

  • Welcome to Hard Times (Killer on a Horse) (1967) [Molly Riordan]: Accidentally shot in the stomach by Michael Shea, when Henry Fonda tries to stop Michael from shooting the mortally-wounded Aldo Ray, throwing off Michael's aim. She dies in Henry's arms shortly afterwards. (Thanks to Anonymous and David)
  • Trial Run (1969) [Lucille Harkness]: Hits her head on a coffee table when James Franciscus pushes her away. (Thanks to Mac)

TV Deaths Edit

Notable Connections Edit

  • Ex-Mrs. Richard N. Nash (playwright/screenwriter)
  • Ex-Mrs. Robert Thom (screenwriter/director)
  • Ex-Mrs. Ben Gazzara
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