Janet Suzman in 'Antony and Cleopatra' (1974)

Janet Suzman (1939 - )

Film Deaths:Edit

  • Nicholas and Alexandra (1971) [Tsarina Alexandra]: Executed (along with the rest of the royal family) by a firing squad of Bolsheviks in the basement. We only see the Bolsheviks firing, followed by a shot of the bloody, bullet-riddled wall; the bodies are not shown.

TV Deaths:Edit

  • War of the Roses: Richard III (1965) [Lady Anne]: Killed (off-screen) by Ian Holm. (Thanks to Gordon)
  • St. Joan (1968) [Joan of Arc]: Presumably executed by being burned at the stake. (I haven't seen this, so I don't know whether it depicts Joan's execution or ends before her death.)
  • Macbeth (1970) [Lady Macbeth]: Commits suicide (presumably off-screen).
  • Hedda Gabler (1972) [Hedda Gabler]: Commits suicide by shooting herself in the head.
  • Antony and Cleopatra (1974 TV) [Cleopatra]: Commits suicide by letting an asp bite her on the chest, with Rosemary McHale by her side, just before Corin Redgrave arrives to take her captive.
  • The Singing Detective (1986; miniseries) [Nicola Marlow]: Drowned (off-screen) in the river, in one of Michael Gambon's hallucinations, when he gets reality mixed up with both his childhood memories and his detective story. A scene of a body being pulled out of the river and turned over is repeated several times, sometimes revealing Janet's face, sometimes Alison Steadman's, and sometimes Kate McKenzie's. (In reality, Janet survives the mini-series.)

Notable Connections:Edit

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