Jane Perry (???-)

Video Game DeathsEdit

  • Alien: Isolation (2014) [Diane Verlaine]: Presumably killed (offscreen) when one of the xenomorphs sneaks aboard the Torrens; her death is not mentioned, but given that Jane does not respond to any of Andrea Deck 's calls, it can be safely assumed that she didn't survive the game.
  • SOMA (2015) [Maggie Komorebi / Nadine Masters / Andrea Suther]: Playing multiple roles, "Maggie Komorebi" is violently injected with structure gel by Brian Protheroe , and dies of her injuries while trying to warn Joseph May of Brian's incoming attack. "Nadine Masters," having been forcibly connected to the WAU's hive mind after being atacked from behind by Brian, can be killed if Jared Zeus chooses to poison the WAU at the end of the game. "Andrea Suther's" fate is not known, through given the fact that almost everyone at Pathos II is either dead or incorporated into the WAU by the start of the game, her death is extremely likely.
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