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Jane McGrath in Silent Witness: Undertone

Jane McGrath (19?? - )

Film Deaths[]

  • None known

Television Deaths[]

  • Silent Witness: Undertone (Part One) (2014) [Alice Preston]: Her body is found by a homeless man in a lake, pressed into a suitcase. In the morgue, the body examination reveals that she was in an advanced state of pregnancy when she died, but the baby was removed through an incision in the victim's abdomen shortly after she died. However, the cause of death was an injury in the back of her head. Later on, her body is shown again in the morgue, when her father comes to identify her. 
  • Silent Witness: Undertone (Part Two) (2014) [Alice Preston]: In this continuation of the previous episode the (accidental) murder is shown in flashback. Alice engages in a fight with the woman with whom she made an arrangement to sell her unwanted, yet unborn baby. Because all of a sudden Alice changes her mind and decides to keep the baby, the woman punches her in the face. Alice falls backwards, hits herself with the back of her head to the edge of a table, and dies. The woman feels the baby kicking in dead Alice's belly, and cuts it free.