Jane Asher (foreground) just before she ceases to exist in The Sarah Jane Adventures: Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?

Jane Asher (1946 - )

Film DeathsEdit

  • Deep End (1970) [Susan]: Hit on the head with an arclight when John Moulder-Brown swings it towards her after she walks away from him in the empty swimming pool; John then cradles her body in his arms as the pool begins to fill up with water. (Nudity alert: Full frontal and rear) (Thanks to Brian)
  • Dreamchild (1985) [Mrs. Liddell]: Dies (off-screen) of old age/natural causes, during the passage of time between the 1862 portion of the story and the 1932 framing sequence. (Specifically, Lorina Reeve Liddell died in 1910, but the details of her death are not referred to in the film.)

Television DeathsEdit

  • Out of This World: Cold Equations (1962) [Lee Cross]: Ejected into the vacuum of space by Peter Wyngarde after she stows away aboard the spaceship, as her added mass would cause the ship to run out of fuel before it could reach its destination.
  • Romeo and Juliet (1962; TV mini-series) [Juliet]: Commits suicide by stabbing herself, after she regains consciousness from her feigned "death" and discovers that David Weston has killed himself.
  • The Sarah Jane Adventures: Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane? (2007) [Andrea Yates]: In the original timeline, her younger self (Francesca Miller) accidentally fell to her death from a pier in 1964, as Jessica Ashworth looks on helplessly. The timeline is changed when Paul Marc Davis goes back in time and offers Francesca a chance to save herself by changing places with Jessica, as part of Paul's plan to remove Jessica's adult self (Elisabeth Sladen) from the timeline. The adult Jane ceases to exist when she takes back her agreement with Paul, sacrificing herself to restore the proper timeline and bring Elisabeth back (after she discovers she is going to die anyway, along with most of humanity when the earth is going to be hit by a rapidly approaching meteor). (Thanks to Danny and Brian)

Notable ConnectionsEdit

  • Sister of Peter Asher (singer/music producer, of Peter and Gordon)
  • Mrs. Gerald Scarfe (cartoonist/illustrator)


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