Jan merlin

Jan Merlin dead in Rawhide: Incident at Crooked Hat

Jan Merlin (1925 - 2019)

Film Death:Edit

  • Hell Bent For Leather (1960) [Travers]: Shot dead by Audie Murphy after Jan kills Stephen McNally. (Thanks to Brian)
  • Guns of Diablo (1964) [Rance Macklin]: Shot to death by Charles Bronson in a shoot-out in the street.

Television Deaths:Edit

  • Tombstone Territory: Guilt of a Town (1958) [Billy Clyde]: Mortally wounded in a shootout with Pat Conway. He staggers back into the shack he was staying in and dies while talking to James Best.
  • Rawhide: Incident at Crooked Hat (1963) [Little Sam Talbot]: After riding into the cattlemen's camp for food and to barter for a fresh horse Jan recognizes the gunslinger Owen Spencer (James Gregory). After bragging to the drovers that he was the fastest gun in the territory he tries to force James to draw on him. When James refuses and walks away Jan tries to shoot him in the back where he is then mortally wounded with an abdomen shot when James turns and fires. Before he dies later in the episode he lies to his older brother (Arch Johnson) that James drew on him without provocation.
  • Gunsmoke: Blue Heaven (1963) [Ed Sykes]: Shot in the chest in a shoot-out with James Arness.
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