Jan Francis in Dracula (1979)

Jan Francis (1947 - )

Film Deaths Edit

  • Dracula (1979) [Mina Van Helsing]: Bitten on the throat by Frank Langella (off-screen) she dies some time later as a delayed reaction, gasping for breath as Donald Pleasence tries to revive her. She later returns as a vampire and is impaled through the torso when she runs into Laurence Olivier's wooden stake during a struggle (with Laurence and Donald) in a cave. Her body is shown again when Laurence prepares to destroy her once and for all by cutting out her heart. (Note: This version reverses the usual roles of "Lucy" and "Mina" as it's usually "Mina" who survives and "Lucy" who dies).

Television DeathsEdit

  • Secret Army The Hostage (1978) [Lisa Colbert/Yvette ] : Killed in an air raid off screen. we see first respons workers getting her body out of ruins.

Gallery Edit

Jan Francis in Secret Army The Hostage

Jan Francis in Secret Army The Hostage

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