Jamieson Price in The Patriot (2000)

Jamieson Price (1961 - )

Film DeathsEdit

  • The Patriot (2000) [Captain Bordon]: Stabbed by Heath Ledger.
  • Metropolis (2002; anime) [Duke Red]: Dies in the self-destruction of Metropolis as he's being overwhelmed by robots, forcing Rock (Michael Reisz) to blow up the city, taking himself and his adoptive father with it.
  • Gantz: O (2017; anime) [Demon Nurari]: Repeatedly crushed by gravitational forces from the Z-Gun fired by an enraged Masaru Kato (Kaiji Tang), completely destroying him.
  • Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle (2018: animated) [Mulu-elu Galu-gu]: Killed in explosion when Haruo Sakaki (Chris Niosi) fires on the commander center in order to stop the Nanometal from spreading.

TV DeathsEdit

Video Game DeathsEdit

  • Eternal Sonata (2007) [Legato]: Destroyed, along with Count Waltz (voiced by Liam O'Brien), after shooting a stream of pink fire in his monster form to destroy everything under Waltz's orders.
  • Mortal Kombat (2011) [Bi-Han/Elder Sub-Zero]: Killed when Patrick Seitz incinerates him in the Netherrealm after Ronald M. Banks manipulates Patrick into believing that Jamieson murdered his clan. Jamieson is later resurrected as the wraith Noob Saibot. Noob is last seen being kicked into the Soulnado by Larry Omaha but it is unknown what happens afterwards.
  • Dead or Alive 6 (2019) [Raidou]: Disintegrated after being defeated in combat either by Hayate (Yuri Lowenthal), Ayane (Janice Kawaye), or Kasumi (Lauren Landa).

Notable connectionsEdit

  • Mr. Bethany Price.


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