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Jamie Farr in Arnold

Jamie Farr's head (prop) in Arnold

Jamie Farr (1934 - )

a.k.a. Jameel Farah

Film Death:[]

Television Deaths:[]

  • The Twilight Zone: The Passersby (1961) [Soldier]: Appears as one of the disembodied spirits of deceased Civil War soldiers that were on the road in front of Joanne Linville's house heading towards the afterlife.
  • The Streets of San Francisco: A Collection of Eagles (1973) [Ernie Walker]: Suffocated with a pillow by William Gray Espy as he is walking out of a bathroom.
  • Joys (1976) [Jamie Farr]: Killed by Johnny Carson. (I haven't seen this special, but I've read that all the guest stars were killed one by one by a mysterious figure who was ultimately revealed as Johnny.) (Played for comic effect.)