Jamey Sheridan (1951 - )

Film DeathsEdit

Television DeathsEdit

  • The Stand (1994 TV miniseries) [Randall Flagg]: Presumably killed when the spectral hand detonates the warhead, exploding Las Vegas (However, due to Jamey turning into a crow before the explosion, it is possible he survived, however, unlikely he could have flown fast enough to escape the blast given the warhead detonates immediately after he transforms, and there is nothing afterwards in the film to suggest he survived.)
  • Hamlet (2000) [Claudius]
  • Arrow: Pilot (2012) [Robert Queen]: Commits suicide by shooting himself in the head as a sacrifice to aid the survival of his son (Stephen Amell) when their supplies run low on an inflatable boat. (He makes later appears as a hallucination and in flashbacks.)
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