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James Tolkan in Ministry of Vengeance

James Tolkan (1931 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • Love and Death (1975) [Napoleon Bonaparte]: Playing a dual role as both the real Napoleon and an impostor, the impostor is shot in the back by an assassin while James is lying unconscious on the floor and Woody Allen is trying to decide whether or not to kill him (The real Napoleon survives the film). (Played for comic effect.)
  • Iceman (1984) [Maynard]: Stabbed in the gut with a spear by John Lone. He's still alive when we last see him and he's never shown again, so it's also possible that he survived his injuries.
  • Armed and Dangerous (1986) [Lou Brackman]: Shot to death by Brion James and Jonathan Banks.
  • Made in Heaven (1987) [Mr. Bjornstead']: It is not explained how his death was, but he meets (Timothy Hutton) in heaven.
  • Viper (1988) [Col. William Tansey]: Shot in the head by Jeff Kober.
  • Ministry of Vengeance (1989) [Col. Freeman] Machine gunned in the films climatic shoot out by Robert Miano.
  • Back to the Future Part III (1990) [Marshal Strickland]: Although Tolkan survives the final cut, a deleted scene on the DVD shows Thomas F. Wilson shooting Tolkan in the back; he dies after saying his last words to his son (Kaleb Henley).

Television Deaths[]