Top: James Kyson Lee in Heroes: Five Years Gone
Bottom: The depiction of James Kyson Lee's death in Heroes: The Hard Part

James Kyson Lee (1975 - )

aka James Kyson

TV Deaths Edit

  • Heroes: Five Years Gone (2007) [Ando Masahashi]: In an alternate future timeline, James is killed (off-screen) in the explosion when Milo Ventimiglia loses control of his nuclear powers. After arriving in the future, the past "James" learns of his own death when Milo informs him. (his body is shown in one of Santiago Cabrera's prophetic drawings which James shows to Masi Oka in the following episode The Hard Part). This future is prevented from coming about; when Milo finally does explode in the subsequent episode How to Stop an Exploding Man, James is unharmed.)
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