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James Gregory (left) with Angela Lansbury in 'The Manchurian Candidate.'

James Gregory (1911 - 2002)

Film Deaths:[]

  • The Sons of Katie Elder (1965) [Morgan Hastings]: Burned to death when he tries to hide in an arms store and John Wayne fires into a barrel of gunpowder which blows up and engulfs the building in flames. (Thanks to Brian)
  • Shoot-out (1971) [Foley]: Shot in the chest by Robert F. Lyons when James draws his gun from the safe while Robert was after his money. (Thanks to Harry)
  • The Flight of Dragons (1982)  [Smrgol the Dragon/Bryagh the Dragon]:

Television Deaths:[]

  • The Twilight Zone: The Passersby (1961) [Confederate Sergeant]: Killed in battle (off-screen) some time before the story begins. He appears as a ghost, along with all the other casualties of the Civil War, walking on a road to the afterlife (though we don't discover that he's dead until near the end of the episode).
  • Rawhide: Incident at Crooked Hat (1963) [Owen Spencer]: Shot to death by Arch Johnson and several other townspeople when James rushes unarmed out of Jeanne Cooper's saloon to help the wounded Eric Fleming.
  • Star Trek: Dagger of the Mind (1966) [Dr. Tristan Adams]: Killed when the "neural neutralizer" device erases his brain, when Marianna Hill inadvertently activates it while James is preparing to use it on William Shatner. (Thanks to Gary and Stephen)
  • Bonanza: Second Chance (1967) [Mulvaney]: Knifed to death by 4 Apaches when he goes to them with his rigged rifle which he fires so it explodes and kills them all. (Thanks to Brian)
  • The High Chaparral: The Hair Hunter (1968) [Jake Stoner]: A scalphunter he is apprehended by the apaches but as he tries to surrender, the chief, James Almanzar, orders a brave to kill him with an arrow. (Thanks to Brian)