James Doohan in Bug Buster

James Doohan (1920 - 2005)

Film DeathsEdit

  • The Satan Bug (1965)
  • Bug Buster (Some Things Never Die) (1998) [Sheriff Carlson]: Bitten to death by the giant mutant insect in a mine shaft. (Thanks to Shadrach)

TV DeathsEdit

  • The Man From U.N.C.L.E. The Bridge Of Lions Affair (1966) [Phillip Bainbridge]: Shot by Monica Keating when she shoots at Robert Vaughn, who moves asiide and the bullet hits James. (Thanks to Brian)
  • Star Trek: The Changeling (1967) [Chief Engineer Montgomery 'Scotty' Scott]: Killed with a laser blast by the alien probe Nomad (voice of Vic Perrin) when he tries to prevent the probe from wiping Nichelle Nichols' mind; he is later brought back to life by the probe (acting on William Shatner's orders).
  • Star Trek: Beyond the Farthest Star (1973; animated) [Scotty/Lt. Kyle/Ancient Insectiod/Magnetic Organism]: Providing the voice for several characters, the Ancient Insectiod died (off-screen) 300 million years before the episode begins. He and his crew had disabeled their ship to prevent the Magnetic Organism from using it to dominate the galaxy. His character is seen on a recorded warning message when Enterprise crew member activate it. 
  • Star Trek: The Slaver Weapon (1973; animated) [Chuft Captain/Kzinti Telepath]: Providing the voices of several of the alien Kzinti, they are all killed in an explosion when the alien weapon self-destructs.
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