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James Cosmo (1948 - )

James Cosmo in Game of Thrones: And Now His Watch Has Ended

Film Deaths:[]

  • The Virgin Soldiers (1969) [Waller]: Shot in the head in the firefight after the Malay insurgents have derailed the train carrying the British troops. (Thanks to Brian)
  • Braveheart (1995) [Campbell]: Mortally wounded in the stomach by an English soldier with a battle axe at the Battle of Falkirk. He dies in a later scene talking to his son (Brendan Gleeson).
  • To End All Wars (2001) [Lt. Col. Stuart McLean]: Shot in the head by Japanese soldiers.
  • Troy (2004) [Glaucus]: Stabbed in the back by Sean Bean during the sack of Troy; compared to his character's mythological death, where he was killed by Ajax during a fight of the possession of Achilles' body.
  • Citadel (2012) [Priest]: Beaten to death by a group of infected teenagers after he lures them away to give Aneurin Barnard and Jake Wilson a chance to escape.
  • The Christmas Candle (2013) [Herbert Hopewell]: Dies of a heart attack while putting out a fire in the church, as Hans Matheson watches on in shock.
  • Ben-Hur (2016) [Quintus]: Drowns after he falls into the ocean after Jack Huston hits James with his oar when he notices him hanging off the ship in battle.
  • Dark Signal (2016) [Alan Keller]: Bludgeoned repeatedly with a pair of a bolt-cutters by Gareth David-Lloyd, as Joanna Ignaczewska watches in horror.
  • Project 12: The Bunker (2016) [Brian Balanowsky]: Sacrifices himself by detonating dynamite, as the whole building begins to crumbles.
  • Wonder Woman (2017) [Field Marshall Haig]: Dies (off-screen) in the space of time between the 1918 scenes and the modern day framing scenes.
  • In Darkness (2018) [Niall]: Dies from unspecified illness (off-screen); his death is revealed when Natalie Dormer is informed during a phone call.

TV Deaths:[]

  • Game of Thrones: And Now His Watch Has Ended (2013) [Lord Commander Jeor Mormont]: Stabbed in the back by Luke Barnes during a Nightwatch mutiny at Craster's Keep; he remains alive long enough to try and strangle Luke before finally succumbing to his injury, whereupon Luke stabs him several more times in the throat for good measure.
  • The Name Of The Rose (Miniseries) (2019) [Jorge Da Burgos]: Burnt to death when he sets fire to the books in the labyrinthine library. (Thanks to Brian)