James Caan in The Godfather

James Caan (1940 - )

Film Deaths

  • Games (1967) [Paul Montgomery]: Poisoned by Simone Signoret when he drinks a toast with her to celebrate the success of their plan.
  • Brian's Song (1971) [Brian Piccolo]: Dies of cancer. (Thanks to Cynthia)
  • The Godfather (1972) [Sonny Corleone]: Machine-gunned by rival gangsters at a tollbooth. (See also James' death in the video game version.) (Thanks to Danielle, Dan and Cynthia)
  • Kiss Me Goodbye (1982) [Jolly Villano]: Falls to his death down a staircase at a party; he appears as a ghost throughout the movie, and his death is shown in a flashback. (Thanks to Belle and Sto)
  • Dick Tracy (1990) [Spud Spaldoni]: Killed, along with his men, in an explosion by a car bomb planted by Al Pacino's men, after James leaves the meeting of all the gangsters. (Thanks to Anton)
  • Flesh and Bone (1993) [Roy Sweeney]: Shot in the chest by his son (Dennis Quaid) at the head of the staircase in the abandoned farmhouse; he then falls down the stairs.
  • City of Ghosts (2002) [Marvin]: Shot during a shoot-out; he dies shortly afterwards while talking to his son (Matt Dillon), his body is later seen when placed on a makeshift funeral pyre which is then set adrift into the ocean.(Thanks to ND)
  • Santa's Slay (2005) [Darren Mason]: Choked to death when Bill Goldberg shoves a turkey leg in his mouth, then knocks him face-forward onto the table (after pinning James' hands to the table with silverware). (Played for comic effect.)
  • Blood Ties (2013) [Leon]: Dies of lung cancer (off-screen); we learn of his death when his body is shown in bed when his son (Clive Owen) comes to see him while his other son (Billy Crudup) and daughter (Lili Taylor) are also in the room.
  • The Good Neighbor (2016) [Harold Grainey]: Commits suicide by shooting himself in the head. 

TV Deaths

  • The Simpsons: All's Fair in Oven War (2004; animated) [James Caan]: Machine-gunned by Cletus (voiced by Hank Azaria) and Cletus' friends at a tollbooth, in a parody of James' death scene from The Godfather. (He opens his eyes and delivers the episode's closing line afterwards, so it's debatable whether this counts, but I'll list it just in case.) (Thanks to Tommy)
  • Magic City: The Sins of the Father (2013) [Sy Berman] Dies via car bomb when he starts his cars ignition.

Video Game Deaths

  • The Godfather: The Game (2006) [Sonny Corleone]: Machine-gunned by rival gangsters at a tollbooth. His body is then discovered by Andrew Pifko. (See also James' death in the film version.)

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