James Belushi in Living in Peril

James Belushi (1954 - )

Film Deaths[edit | edit source]

  • Thief (Violent Streets) (1981) [Barry]: Executed with a shotgun by Dennis Farina on Robert Prosky's orders. His body is then dumped into an acid tank. (Thanks to Mac, Fred and Michael)
  • Gang Related (1997) [Detective Frank DiVinci]: Shot in the face by Gregory Scott Cummins. (Thanks to Michael)
  • Living in Peril (The Peril of Being Walter Woods) (1997) [Harrison/Oliver]: Strangled when Rob Lowe manages to stick James' necktie into an air conditioning unit during a struggle on the roof.
  • Retroactive (1997) [Frank]: Shot to death by Shannon Whirry. (Thanks to Gary)
  • One Way Out (2002) [Harry Woltz]: Shot by Jason Bateman when he jumps in front of Angela Featherstone to shield her.  He dies while in Angela's arms shortly after she calls for help.
  • The Hollow Point (2016) [Shep Diaz]: Shot to death by Ian McShane. The film cuts away and ends right as Ian shoots James.
  • The Whole Truth (2016) [Boone Lassiter]: Stabbed to death by Keanu Reeves.

TV Deaths[edit | edit source]

  • Justice (Backlash) (1999; TV movie) [Frank Spello]: Shot in the head by Henry Silva in Henry's limousine, after he shoots him in the knees, when they discover he's an undercover cop; His body is later seen Charles Durning and Tracey Needham discover it.

Notable Connections[edit | edit source]

Brother of John Belushi

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