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James Badge Dale in The Grey

James Badge Dale (1978 - )

a.k.a. Badgett Dale

Deaths in Film[]

  • Lord of the Flies (1990) [Simon]: Stabbed and beaten to death by Chris Furrh's followers on the island. His body is shown again later on lying on the shore. (Thanks to Drew)
  • The Departed (2006) [Barrigan]: Shot in the head by Matt Damon, after James shoots Leonardo DiCaprio and Anthony Anderson. (Thanks to Chris)
  • The Grey (2011) [Luke Lewenden]: Every one we’re sitting on thier seats, Lewenden tells jokes on Hernandez & Diaz, & he talks about his childhood story, while Burke hits Flannery on The head & Lewenden got angry at Burke, & Oxendine tells Lewenden off. & after that, Ottway Was going to stuff, & Chavis (Greg Nicotero) calls out for help, & Ottway Gets him Up, & Chavis Looks at the dead body that’s been cut in half & Chavis looks at Ottway in his face & left Him dead, Ottway finds Hernandez (Ben Bray) who is asleep & He Stands him up, & They Find Flannery (Joe Anderson) while they stand him up, & then, Lewenden Fatally injured in a plane accident; he dies shortly afterwards as Liam Neeson talks to him to ease his passing. (Thanks to Arben and Tommy)
  • Iron Man 3 (2013) [Eric Savin]: Shot through the chest with a blast of energy from Robert Downey Jr.'s suit (at the end of a struggle aboard Air Force One).
  • World War Z (2013) [Captain Speke]: Commits suicide off-screen by shooting himself in the head after being bitten by a zombie horde; James is last seen putting a gun to his head, then a gunshot is heard as Brad Pitt moves away from a plane window.
  • The Lone Ranger (2013) [Dan Reid]: Stabbed in the chest and stomach by William Fichtner, on top of being shot in the back by one of Fichtner's men; Fichtner then cuts out his heart and eats it as Dale's brother, Armie Hammer, looks on helplessly. His body is seen later on when Johnny Depp buries it.
  • Echoes of War (2015) [Wade]: Shot in the chest with a shotgun by Ethan Embry when he tries to shoot William Forsythe, after James injured William.
  • 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi (2016) [Global Response Staff Operative Tyrone S. Woods]: Killed by an enemy mortar shell alongside Toby Stephens, mirroring the same event the film was based off of.
  • Only the Brave (2017) [Jesse Steed]: Killed in the fire off-screen as James and other firefighters tries to cover themselves in the sheet to protect themselves but the fire got overpower.
  • Donnybrook (2018) [Whalen]: Shot in the chest with a shotgun by Frank Grillo.
  • Hold the Dark (2018) [Donald Marium]: Bleeds to death in front of Jeffrey Wright after Alexander Skarsgard fires an arrow that grazes James' neck, severing his jugular.
  • The Kitchen (2019) [Kevin O'Carroll]: Shot to death off-screen. His body show when Tiffany Haddish comes into the room.

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