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James Arness' death in The Thing from Another World

James Arness (1923 - 2011)

Film Deaths[]

  • Battleground (1949) [Garby]: Machine gunned by German troops when his rifle bolt gets jammed after ignoring Van Johnson order to check there rifles if they are frozen.
  • Wagonmaster (1950) [Floyd Clegg]: Shot in the chest by Harry Carey Jr..
  • The Thing from Another World (1951) [The Thing]: Playing an alien, he disintegrates when Kenneth Tobey turns on the electricity.
  • Hellgate (1952) [George Redfield]: One of a group of escaped prisoners, he gets an arrow through his neck from one of the Pima Indians sent by Ward Bond to hunt them down.
  • Horizons West (1952) [Tiny McGilligan]: Shot three times in the chest (with his own gun) by Robert Ryan after a fight.
  • Big Jim McLain (1952) [Mal Baxter]: Kidnapped and interrogated by foreign spies; he dies when they inject him with an overdose of sodium pentothal (it's all off-screen, the details are only mentioned in the dialogue).
  • The Lone Hand (1953) [Gus Varden]: Falls to his death in pursuit of Jimmy Hunt up the river gorge.

Television Death[]


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