Jada Pinkett Smith (1971 - )

Miss Maryland of 1988

Film DeathsEdit

  • The Nutty Professor (1996) [Carla Purty]: In a dream sequence parodying From Here to Eternity, she is buried alive in the sand when Eddie Murphy’s weight causes her to cave-in into it. Jade survives the film in reality.
  • Scream 2 (1997) [Maureen Evans]: Stabbed repeatedly by Timothy Olyphant in a crowded movie theater; she manages to get up on the stage and scream in pain before collapsing.
  • Angel Has Fallen (2019) [FBI Agent Helen Thompson]: Shot in the stomach by Danny Huston while Jada and Joseph Millson confront him. Danny then finishes her off with a gunshot wound to the head off-screen.

TV DeathsEdit

Noteworthy ConnectionsEdit

  • Stepmother of Trey Smith.


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